Body Camera



6.1Cannot enter Menu of Body Camera

A. Stop Recording prior to entering Body Camera’smenu by pressing Record button.

B. Body Camera supports a six characteralphanumerical password format. Prior to entering menu of Body Camera, ensurethat correct password is entered.

6.2IR are not turning on

A. IR turn on automatically only if they’re setto Auto in the Infrared menu. Otherwise the Infrared will remain disabled.

6.3Indicator LEDs are not lit

A. If the camera is powered up and Status LEDsare not lit go to Body Camera’s menu and select LED Light menu option. Ensurethat it is set to ON.

6.4Body Camera only records for short periods of time

A. In event of Body Camera recording for briefmoments then shutting off, please ensure that menu option Auto Power OFF is setto OFF.

6.5How do i delete videos on the body camera?

Consideringthe needs of law enforcement, all recorded videos, pictures and sound recordingONLY can be deleted on the computer via USB cable.