Body Camera

How to fix the "Card Full" issues?


If you are using a MACBOOK or MAC computer. After you delete the video file, there will still be a "Card Full" issues.

This is because the MAC system does not actually delete the files.The USB flash drive or other flash memory card on the Mac has a hidden directory of .trash . The deletion is actually transferring it to the trash, and it is not actually deleted before empty trash.

You need empty the trash to clear the memory card.

If you are using the windows computer, you can format the camera card to clear the memory.

How to format the memory card:
Step 1 Connect camera to computer.
Step 2 Go to "My Computer", and select your camera card device.
Step 3 Right-click on your camera card, you will see "Format" option.

Step 4 Click "Format" it will pop up a window, you can select some format option like file system or quick format option.

If it is the 32GB version, you need to select the File system to FAT32, select the allocation unit size to 32 KB.

If it is the 64GB/128GB version. When you reformat you need to select the File system to ExFAT, select the allocation unit size to 128 KB.

Step 5 Click "Start",   the computer system will start to scanning and formatting your camera card.