How to download GPS Player ?

You can get the GPS Player here


Why the video no audio ?

The following 2 situations will cause the video to be muted.

1. You turn on Mute in the Menu.

2.You pressed the audio record button while video recording. Pressing the audio record button during video recording will mute video. When audio is disabled, the mute icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. You just need press the audio button again while video recording to turn on audio.


If there is a deviation in time. You need to set the correct time zone in setting.
You can check the city time zone here If the time zone is UTC -4h you need set the time zone to -4 in setting.
Then turn on the GPS in setting and go out doors to receive the GPS signal wait for about 40 seconds, once the camera receives the GPS signal (the gps icon will be solid green) the time will be automaticallt corrected.

How to connect camera to computer ?

connect the MIUFLY body camera to computer via usb cable, you need enter the password on camera. The default password is “000000” so you just need chick the “OK” key six times .Then the computer will recognize the camera’s memory as one external storage device. It will shown as “E” disk or “F” disk

Then you can open it and delete or download the video files, the video files are in the ”DCIM“ folder.